Every now and then I end up having that "kodak moment" in game where I take a snapshot of some milestone or rare capture. And sometimes I just happen to stumble upon something fun or interresting. This page will be a diary of events where I chronicle the journey through My Hunter Challenge.

2020-11-03 - Goals Achieved!

Today two goals was reached. First I got the newly found "secret" battle pet Glimr but more importantly I reached the goal of leveling 13 Hunters to MAX before Shadowlands. My Undead Horde Hadeshunter became the last of my 13 hunters to reach the new max level 50.

With the first part of My Hunter Challenge done... It's time to take a step back and figure out how to best take on the second and more massive part... how to collect all tameable Hunter Pets in the game... to date about 1500 of them!

2020-10-10 - The Great Gnomeregan Run

Wohoo! Today was the yearly event where all Gnome lovers create a new level 1 Gnome and run from Gnomeregan to Booty Bay while trying to stay alive. This year I "only" died three times! It was a great fun run in the rain. =)

2020-09-18 - It's Back!

Wohoo! I've been waiting for this day for years... and just ordered two of the new NAGA Left-Handed Edition mice from Razer. The old one I have now is from 2014 and is running it's last laps... Being Left Handed and playing WorldOfWarcraft finding a proper MMO mouse is hard... So, thank you Razer for bringing the Left-Handed NAGA back!

(Disclamer: I'm in no way sponsored by Razer... I just love this mouse)

2020-09-12 - Undead Humor

Sometimes Blizzard make me burst out laughing. Like this moment where some Undead refugees from Undercity comment on the water in Orgrimmar.

2020-08-18 - I Got It!

So... I just spent 5 Million Gold on a Dinosaur... or Mighty Caravan Brutosaur as it's called. Wohoo! ...and now I'm broke =)

2020-08-05 - Treasure in Sholazar Basin

Got another Hunter up to level 80 today and stumbled upon a treasure in Sholazar Basin as I leveled.

This time I got a nice Mace. So, remember... Always loot and open the treasures you find. You never know that you might find.

2020-08-02 - Close call with King Crush

Had another fun moment in the game today. At level 78 I found the Devilsaur King Krush in Sholazar Basin... It was level 80... Got stomped once but manage to tame it with about 10% health left and my screen flashing red. What a rush!

2020-07-18 - First Horde Hunter at Max Level

Today my first Horde Hunter finally hit 120. Huntéra was actually the first Horde character I created on Argent Dawn EU more than a year ago but I never took the time to level her all the way until now. So... now... only five more Horde Hunters to go!

2020-07-05 - Treasure!

Today I stumbled upon a treasure chest in Evelynn Forest I never seen before even thou I've been playing for more than two and a half years and love questing and leveling in this Alliance starting area. The game never stop showing how gigantic it is and I love it!

2020-06-27 - Huntéra at level 110

Today my first Horde hunter hit level 110 in Highmountain. In the process I let her tame this beast... who was resting in a witch infested forest.

2020-06-18  - Hydras of Northern Barrens

Today I took a tour of the Northern Barrens and went down the cave called Wailing Caverns to explore. After killing a massive amount of raptors and flying serpents I finally reached the bottom where the entrance to the dungeon lies. There I found ... Trigore the Lasher.

Outside the cave, as I continuel questing I stumbled upon another Hydra, Gesharahan. Not to miss an opportunity I tamed the beast and continued my adventures. All in all a fun couple of hours of questing and exploration in a part of Azeroth I don't visit that often.

2020-06-16 - First Horde Hunter at Level 100

It's no secret that I'm an Alliance guy. Since day one I have preferred the atmosphere, lore and questing of the Alliance side of the game. So, when I started this challenge I didn't have one single max level Horde character. Huntêra in the image below will be the first Horde I level to max level and today she reached level 100 by picking up this treasure in Draenor.

2020-06-08 - Electric Sheep

It took me four attempts... but after checking Wowhead I finally realized I had to use my Freezing Trap to get it.

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