Every now and then I end up having that "kodak moment" in game where I take a snapshot of some milestone or rare capture. And sometimes I just happen to stumble upon something fun or interresting. This page will be a diary of events where I chronicle the journey through My Hunter Challenge.

2020-10-10 - The Great Gnomeregan Run

Wohoo! Today was the yearly event where all Gnome lovers create a new level 1 Gnome and run from Gnomeregan to Booty Bay while trying to stay alive. This year I "only" died three times! It was a great fun run in the rain. =)

2020-09-18 - It's Back!

Wohoo! I've been waiting for this day for years... and just ordered two of the new NAGA Left-Handed Edition mice from Razer. The old one I have now is from 2014 and is running it's last laps... Being Left Handed and playing WorldOfWarcraft finding a proper MMO mouse is hard... So, thank you Razer for bringing the Left-Handed NAGA back!

(Disclamer: I'm in no way sponsored by Razer... I just love this mouse)

2020-09-12 - Undead Humor

Sometimes Blizzard make me burst out laughing. Like this moment where some Undead refugees from Undercity comment on the water in Orgrimmar.

2020-08-18 - I Got It!

So... I just spent 5 Million Gold on a Dinosaur... or Mighty Caravan Brutosaur as it's called. Wohoo! ...and now I'm broke =)

2020-08-05 - Treasure in Sholazar Basin

Got another Hunter up to level 80 today and stumbled upon a treasure in Sholazar Basin as I leveled.

This time I got a nice Mace. So, remember... Always loot and open the treasures you find. You never know that you might find.

2020-08-02 - Close call with King Crush

Had another fun moment in the game today. At level 78 I found the Devilsaur King Krush in Sholazar Basin... It was level 80... Got stomped once but manage to tame it with about 10% health left and my screen flashing red. What a rush!

2020-07-18 - First Horde Hunter at Max Level

Today my first Horde Hunter finally hit 120. Huntéra was actually the first Horde character I created on Argent Dawn EU more than a year ago but I never took the time to level her all the way until now. So... now... only five more Horde Hunters to go!

2020-07-05 - Treasure!

Today I stumbled upon a treasure chest in Evelynn Forest I never seen before even thou I've been playing for more than two and a half years and love questing and leveling in this Alliance starting area. The game never stop showing how gigantic it is and I love it!

2020-06-27 - Huntéra at level 110

Today my first Horde hunter hit level 110 in Highmountain. In the process I let her tame this beast... who was resting in a witch infested forest.

2020-06-18  - Hydras of Northern Barrens

Today I took a tour of the Northern Barrens and went down the cave called Wailing Caverns to explore. After killing a massive amount of raptors and flying serpents I finally reached the bottom where the entrance to the dungeon lies. There I found ... Trigore the Lasher.

Outside the cave, as I continuel questing I stumbled upon another Hydra, Gesharahan. Not to miss an opportunity I tamed the beast and continued my adventures. All in all a fun couple of hours of questing and exploration in a part of Azeroth I don't visit that often.

2020-06-16 - First Horde Hunter at Level 100

It's no secret that I'm an Alliance guy. Since day one I have preferred the atmosphere, lore and questing of the Alliance side of the game. So, when I started this challenge I didn't have one single max level Horde character. Huntêra in the image below will be the first Horde I level to max level and today she reached level 100 by picking up this treasure in Draenor.

2020-06-08 - Electric Sheep

It took me four attempts... but after checking Wowhead I finally realized I had to use my Freezing Trap to get it.

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