About Me

I like to keep most of my personal information private. I'm a man from Sweden, living in Göteborg, who recently reached the age of 50. Being from Sweden English isn't my native language, so expect there to be typos and strangely formatted sentences every now and then.

I have been playing World Of Warcraft since late December of 2017 and have developed a miner addiction to the game.

This website is about the personal challenge I have in World Of Warcraft where I will level one Hunter from each ingame Race and Gender on both factions. I will also collect all tameable Hunter Pets and Named/Rare Hunter Pets available.

Sometimes I will post on Twitter and I'm active on Discord.

Qyune and All The Things

So, why do this challenge? Late december 2019 after playing World Of Warcraft for about two years I found a Twitch streamer named Qyune who had this crazy challenge to collect everything, and I mean All The Things, in World Of Warcraft on all 12 classes. If you think you've run out of things to do in World Of Warcraft check out All The Things! Qyune has since stopped streaming but I'm hooked and will continue to play World Of Warcraft collecting stuff and hunting down achievements in game.