13 Hunters to Max Before Shadowlands

I will also collect all tameable Hunter Pets in game and every Named/Rare Hunter Pet available.


Since I love playing the Hunter in World Of Warcraft I have decided to take on the challenge to level one Hunter from each of the current core races in the game, a total of 13 characters.

I will also collect all tameable Hunter Pets and each Named/Rare Hunter Pet in game.

The first part of the challenge will be done before the next expansion releases on October 27 2020. How long it will take to collect all Hunter Pets and Named/Rare mobs, I have no clue.

The goal initially was to level 13 Hunters to 120 before Shadowlands release, but the upcoming level squish will drop with pre-patch making the new max level going into Shadowlands be 50. In Shadowlands we will then level to the new max level 60.

Shadowclaw One of the first named beasts I tamed in Darkshore.