Collecting All +1600 Hunter Pets in Game

I will also level one Hunter from each race and gender in game.


Since I love playing the Hunter in World Of Warcraft I have decided to take on the challenge to level one Hunter from each race and gender in the game, a total of 48 characters.
I will also collect all tameable Hunter Pets and each Named/Rare Hunter Pet in game. A total of +1600 Hunter Pets.
The leveling of Hunters will be done on several different EU-Realms. My main realm is Argent Dawn EU and here I have my two banking guilds, CivXL Alliance and CivXL Horde. I currently have Hunters on over 25 different realms.

Shadowclaw One of the first named beasts I tamed in Darkshore.

I'm still working out how to best present my progress collecting Hunter Pets and for the moment this part of the challenge has low priority as I focus on leveling.
To mix things up I have also leveled a variety of characters to have run old content dungeons and raids for transmog and achievements. I'm also farming mats for gold and to level professions. Looks like this challenge has expanded to become somewhat of an All The Things mini challenge.