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February 8th, 2014 Comments off

Here’s a quick update from the CivXL fan project I have going on…

I have now moved most of the old reviews to the new library and added a large number of new reviews to the site. The old library will still be around for a while longer.

Now all cards available from number 1 through 709 have been reviewed for my new library and I have also put the new library online on this blog. This means that there’s now a link from the blog to the latest card reviewed on my VirtuaGirlLibrary site. You find this link in the sidebar to the right.

The work continues!

Keep Safe and Let the Ladies Dance ;)


Quick update

January 23rd, 2014 Comments off

jenni_gregg_the_love_boatJust a note on my progress. I have now added all cards released between 1 and 601 to the new library. I will continue to add cards to the new library and in the beginning of February I will shift the active library on this site to this new library.

The image shows the latest of the cards I’ve added…
Jenni Gregg – The Love Boat (601)

Keep Safe and Let the Ladies Dance!


VirtuaGirlLibrary Update

January 4th, 2014 Comments off

VirtuaGirlLibrary 4 Januari 2014

I have just completed another update of my VirtuaGirlLibrary website. This time I’ve added a Top 30 page listing my highest rated cards. I have also added card grades on the preview pages to make it easier to find my ratings. Last but not least I have updated the About page and added info about how my grades work. You may also read about this below…

In this new library I have four different scales by which I rate a card. First of all I have a general Grade (G). This is a sum of my observations. This general grade use a 1-10 scale. Then I have three sub categories: Spice (S), Charm (C) & Dance (D). Each of these are measured on a 1-5 scale. The higher the number the better, or in the case of Spice (S) more sexually explicit. Charm (C) is all about charisma and interaction with the camera. And as one might guess Dance (D) is about the models skill in rhythm and dance. When it comes to dance the girls performance by the pole is of high value. The Spice (S) level doesn’t influence a cards general Grade (G) so a card can have a 1 in Spice (S) and still score a general Grade (G) of 10.

To date I have revisited almost 200 cards and I’ll keep working on moving old reviews to my new library. I plan to complete that task before reviewing any new cards. All in all I have about 600 cards in the old library and my goal is to complete the task of moving them to the new library by the end of January.

I have lots of work to do! icon_razz

Keep Safe and Let the Ladies Dance!


New Year New Project

January 1st, 2014 Comments off

During the holiday weekends I’ve finally taken the time to adapt my VirtuaGirlLibrary to the “future”. As a first step I’ve restructured the database that govern the site and updated the content management system to make it easier to work with.

So far I’ve revisited about 120 cards and given them a new kind of review. Now all I have to do is to complete this gigantic task by reviewing the rest of my over 1400 cards =)

Once I have moved all old reviews from the old database I will connect the “Most Resent VirtuaGirl Review” on this site to the new database. Until then this will still connect to the old site.

You can visit my new library at

Cheers and let the Ladies Keep On Dancing!

//Jununger aka CivXL

X-mas Beauty

December 15th, 2013 Comments off

X-mas Beauty 2013

Ten days till X-mas day and Totem have already released this years Virtuagirl Holiday Card. Viola is one big boobs beauty and a charm to see on the swing! santa_smiley

Cheers and a Happy Holiday Season!


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