Top Ten and Top Five Models 2015

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2015 is coming to an end and it’s time to sum up the year. This time around I’m presenting my Top 10 VirtuaGirls and my Top 5 DeskBabes for 2015. The models are presented in alphabetic order. This is going to be a long post so, Lets get started!

Top Ten Virtuagirl 2015:

Anissa Kate - Dark AngelAnissa Kate – With 9 cards on VirtuaGirl this Arabic looking beauty has been charming us since 2014. She’s also one of the few Marc Dorcel ladies to visit Totem.

Elen Moore - Flamenco BeachElen Moore – Tiny but cute Elen has 6 cards on VirtuaGirl. Her charm makes even the coldest heart melt and her cute smile is just amazing.

Foxy - Bliss Foxy – This petite lady has 6 cards on VirtuaGirl and she made the list because of her great moves by the pole. This lady is a genuine acrobat dancing the pole!

Heidi Romanova - Maid to OrderHeidi Romanova – Has 11 cards on VirtuaGirl. With her amazing hair and perky tits she’s a charmer of great proportions.

Marina Visconti - High SkiesMarina Visconti – With 5 cards on VirtuaGirl and 3 cards on DeskBabes I have fallen for this ladies yummy boobs. Add charm and a great smile and you have the reason for her ending up on this list.

Melisa - EleganceMelisa – With 21 cards on VirtuaGirl and 4 on DeskBabes Melisa has been with Totem since 2009. I great performer and a killer body! There’s a reason why Totem keep bringing her back…

Mia Sollis - Spicy GingerMia Sollis – Mia has 12 cards on VirtuaGirl and this petite beauty makes the list on her charms and gorgeous body. She has this cute smile and eyes that just draws you in. Me like!

Paula Shy - Not so ShyPaula Shy – This lady ain’t shy… with 10 cards on VirtuaGirl and another 6 on DeskBabes this Latino looking lady is both naughty and nice. With a yummy smile and amazing body she just had to make it on this list.

Stella Cox - Extra CreditStella Cox – She may look innocent but with 5 cards on VirtuaGirl and 2 on DeskBabes this is one naughty lady. Again I cannot resist the lure of a pair boobs like hers. Yummy!

Viola - Smooth OperatorViola – With a total of 32 cards, 20 on VirtuaGirl and 12 on DeskBabes, this lady is a given on any list. She’s got the body, the boobs and the moves to make any man tremble. Truly amazing!

Top Five DeskBabes 2015:

Lucy Li - SoloLucy Li – This lady has 9 cards on DeskBabes and VirtuaGirl. With a total of 18 cards this is one naughty lady! Add charm and an amazing body and you have one of my all time favorite models.

Nekane - SoloNekane – Here we have a newcomer to Totem. With 3 cards on DeskBabes and 2 on VirtuaGirl she’s fast becoming one of my favorites. Yummy boobs and great interaction.

Sarika - SoloSarika – Another fresh face with only 2 cards on Deskbabes and 1 on VirtuaGirl. This girls next door have a great smile and some amazing boobs. Don’t let her innocent looks deceive you, this is one naughty lady.

Sharon Lee - SoloSharon Lee – With 2 cards on DeskBabes and 4 on VirtuaGirl Sharon could have been on either list. This Asian looking beauty has a killer body and is indeed both naughty and nice. I love her big bouncy boobs!

Sex on the BeachLast but not least we had a special event 2015 when the first card ever with 4 models was released. Let’s just say: If you like to go to a naughty beach you will love this one! The four ladies in the card are: Aurelly Rebel, Beata Undine, Coco De Mal, Lucy Heart.

2015 has been an amazing year but I’m sure that 2016 will top this one… why? The Totem team have a new version of the software in the making and it’s going to be a game changer! Also the Totem studio in the US will add a lot of flavor to the mix of girls making 2016 a year to look forward to…

Keep Safe and have a Merry New Year!


Merry New Year

December 18th, 2015 Comments off

Merry New Year

The 2015 X-Mas card has just been released. Make sure to get it before the 28:th!

Keep Safe and Let Naughty Santa make your Holidays Very Merry =)



Selena is both Naughty and Nice. A Great X-Mas Treat from the Totem Team!


Sex Quartet

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For the first time… four girls in one card! Check them out at

Keep Safe and let the ladies give you joy! =)


VirtuaGirl Interactive

October 31st, 2014 Comments off

Yesterday Totem released the new version of the player for VirtuaGirl and DeskBabes. With it came a whole range of new features. At the same time they released two cards from the new collection VirtuaGirl Interactive.

Even though VirtuaGirl Interactive is a new collection I will continue calling it simply VirtuaGirl. It’s the same basic idea and most of the content is the same. The main news has to do with transitions between clips and the fact that you can interact with the girls by grabbing hold of them with your mouse. You can pick them up and move them around… even hang them from the top of your screen for a moment =)

Hanging On

As you see you can also have more than one girl on screen simultaneously. Fact is you can have up to 10 girls dancing at the same time. Last but not least… the new cards are all released in up to 3K resolution making the video crystal clear!

In other news I keep reviewing the “old” VirtuaGirl cards and  in time I will also begin taking closer looks at these new interactive cards.

As always… Keep Safe and Let the Ladies Dance!


Great New Version!

October 30th, 2014 Comments off

New Version

Totem just released a brand new version of the DesktopVideoPlayer that govern the VirtuaGirl and DeskBabes content. With it comes a long list of new features that you don’t want to miss!

Check out the list below:

  • Software can now display up to 10 girls at once on the desktop.
  • You can grab any girl and drop her anywhere on your screen. They even stay on top of windows, dangle under your mouse pointer, fall etc.
  • Girls are more present. They perform stripteases, walk around, wait, sit or get up before doing another striptease and repeat it till they’ve show you everything they can do.
  • Left click on any girl pops new icon controls to enlarge her, ask her to striptease etc.
  • Zoom factor are now based on your screen size rather than the original clip size. There is also a check box to limit the zoom to 100% of the original clip resolution.
  • Working Space in Settings let you define the area of your desktop where the girls go.

Make sure you update to this version as soon as possible not to miss out… Let’s just say this version is a revolution!