Status Updates

Here I will post weekly updates of my progress.

There are two goals in this challenge:

  1. Level 13 hunters to max (lvl 120) before Shadowlands, one from each core race.
  2. Collect all tameable Hunter Pets in game, this challenge has no time limit.
    As part of this I will also tame all Named/Rare Hunter Pets available.
    The list I use as guide is found here:

2020-07-12 - Update 8

It's been a slow soft week of leveling as I'm working a full time job to pay my bills. When comparing with the 100% XP-bonus in place until Shadowlands comes the Darkmoon Fair buff of 10% isn't doing as much as I thought it would. It's actually more efficient to cycle through your alts to get as much as possible from the rested XP bonus... It gives you another 100% boost when killing mobs or doing Archeology, making Archeology a great tool for soft leveling.

The main goal for the upcoming week is to finally get my first Horde Hunter up to 120, max level. I also have 3 alts bellow 70 that I want to focus on. Maybe I'll also get to do some Bat hunting for my Hunter Pet part of the challenge.

Until Next Time... Keep Safe!

2020-07-05 - Update 7

The big news this week is not something I did in my Hunter Challenge but the news that came out of the Shadowlands alpha. Wowhead wrote an article stating that the number of hunter pets stable slots will go from 60 to 200, more than triple the available slots. With almost 1300 tameable hunter pets in game and more coming in Shadowlands this increase is more than welcome.

My challenge progress this week has been a slow one but at least one more of my Alliance hunters has reached level 100. Other than that I have focused on the support features surrounding the challenge. Among the things I've done is to set up bankers on the Horde side and I have also taken the time to "clean" an older computer and reinstalled World Of Warcraft on an SSD to use as a backup and second account.

This week is Darkmoon Faire so focus will be leveling with the 10% extra boost. Hopefully I will take my Horde Troll to max level and push some of the lower level to get faster flying at level 80. Only time will tell.

Until Next time... Keep Safe!

2020-06-28 - Update 6

This week has been a soft week in the World Of Warcraft but I have made some process. My first Horde hunter has hit level 110 and is now settled in at the Great Seal in Zuldazar. To be honest, I'm not looking forward to leveling Horde in Battle For Azeroth. I don't like the zones and all the stairs in the pyramid of Zuldazar is just too much! Hopefully I will find some guide to fast and easy leveling... maybe I'll end up doing dungeons and level through gathering professions and archeology. Only time will tell.

On a more positive note I have now tamed every Basilisk look for Hunter Pets and during the coming weeks I will continue my hunt for pets as I level my characters. A short word about named / rare hunter pets. Some looks don't have any but some have more than one. In time I may upload an excel doc listing all the pets I've tamed but until then the number of tamed pets are listed in the summary below. If you want the complete list I'm using as guide you find it at:

Until Next time, Keep Safe!

2020-06-21 - Update 5

My second and last week of vacation for now is at an end and I didn't quite reach the goals I had this week. I got one hunter from every race up to at least 60 but my main Horde alt only reached  level 106 so I have some more leveling to do in Legion before I get to the current content of Battle for Azeroth.

Since I'll be back at work full time tomorrow I will not have any grandios goals for the upcoming weeks. I will contnue leveling and collecting hunter pets. Every Sunday I will write a short update and as you might have seen I've added a Moments page to the site. Here I will do snapshots of everyday moments in game. Read more on the Moments page. Until next time... Keep Safe!

2020-06-14 - Update 4
This week I've had a vacation from work and spent much of the time leveling my hunters. Two new things this week: First I've updated the spreadsheet to make it easier to track my progression, especially when it comes to collecting hunter pets. Secondly I've started to add some more "bonus characters" on different realms that I, in time, will use to hunt down named / rare hunter pets.
I have next week off from work to so the goal for the upcoming week is to get my main Horde hunter past 110 and into the BFA content. Hopefully I vill also get all 13 chars past level 60 to get flying. Until Next time... Keep Safe!


2020-06-07 - Update 3

I managed to reach last weeks two goal and I have gone through and listed all hunter pets I already have, a total of 109 pets including 78 named/rare hunter pets.
For the upcoming week I'm working on a website where I will do more frequent updates and screenshots of my progress. When it comes to leveling I will focus on
my Horde characters, I still don't have any max level Horde character. Until next time... Keep Safe!


Unique Hunter Pet looks tamed: 109
Named/Rare Hunter Pets tamed: 78

2020-05-31 - Update 2

During the past week I have continued working on the hunter pet Excel doc and leveling. One major change this week, I've decided to keep all characters on Argent Dawn EU. This means that I have started leveling a new Dwarf hunter on my main EU account. The goal for this upcoming week is to get the Excel doc ready to make it possible for me to start going through what pets I already have. Also, I hope to have all characters up to at least level 30 by the end of the week. Until next time... Keep Safe! 


2020-05-24 - Update 1

First status update for my Hunter Challenge. I will try posting status each sunday. This first weekend I have set up each character and this coming week I will continue leveling. I will also continue work on the Excel-dok for the list of hunter pets. It will take a while to get that list ready and go through my alts to see which pets I already have. To be continued next sunday!